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Indiana Academy of Ophthalmology

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Ophthalmologists are Medical Doctors (M.D.) or Doctors of Osteopathy (D.O.) who specialize in the medical and surgical care of the eyes and in the prevention of eye disease and injury.

20 Reasons to See an Ophthalmologist

A recent survey found that only half of Americans see an eye care professional on a regular basis. Here’s what the other half needs to know.






Sunglasses are must-have eyewear. They help reduce brightness and protect your eyes and vision in any season.

Sunglasses are more than fashion accessories. They protect your eyes from ultraviolet (UV) rays, the radiation energy produced by the sun. These UV rays—including UVA and especially UVB—damage the eye’s surface tissues, cornea and lens. That damage can lead to cataractsmacular degeneration and other vision-stealing eye conditions. 

Don’t settle for less than 100% UV protection

When buying sunglasses, make sure they have a tag or sticker that says they provide 100 percent UV protection from all UV light. Some labels say “UV absorption up to 400nm.” This is the same thing as 100 percent UV absorption.

Support The IAO PAC

The IAO PAC is an important part of the lobbying effort of the Indiana Academy of Ophthalmology and we need your support to make it effective.  The IAO PAC provides us with the opportunity to advocate on behalf of patients and all Hoosiers.

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Nearly 250 Indiana Ophthalmologists have come to the indisputable conclusion that membership in the IAO is one of the wisest and most affordable investments they’ve made in the future of their patients, their practice and their profession.

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