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The IAO celebrates our members and those who have an impact on the IAO and profession of ophthalmology annually. The IAO honors colleagues for dedicated service, outstanding humanitarian service, legislative leadership, and life time achievements.

The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to members of the IAO who have given of themselves throughout their career to advance the profession of ophthalmology and the IAO.

2015   David Alvis, M.D.
2016   Paul Honan, M.D.
2017   Eugene Helveston, M.D., and Forrest Ellis, M.D.
2018   William Penland, M.D.

The Ophthalmologist of the Year award is granted to an ophthalmologist who has made outstanding contributions to the Academy and enhanced the profession of ophthalmology.

1992   Ralph Stewart, M.D.
1993   Duane Flannagan, M.D.
1994   Paul Honan, M.D.
1995   John Minturn, M.D.
1996   Ronald Danis, M.D.
1997   Louis Cantor, M.D.
1998   William Whitson, M.D.
1999   Ruth Goodell, M.D.
2000   William Penland, M.D.
2001   Charles O. McCormick, III, M.D.
2002   C. Kenneth Fischer, M.D.
2003   Linn Mangano, M.D.
2004   Donald Wilson, M.D.

2005   Francis W. Price, Jr., M.D.
2006   Andrew Tharp, M.D.
2007   Ramana Moorthy, M.D.
2008   William Penland, M.D.
2009   Ramana Moorthy, M.D.
2010   Louis Cantor, M.D.
2011   Derek Sprunger, M.D.
2012   Robert Larew, M.D.
2013   Yara Catoira-Boyle, M.D.
2014   Derek Sprunger, M.D.
2015   Andrew Tharp, M.D.
2016   Michael Hodges, M.D.
2017   Louis Cantor, M.D.
2019   Rudy Yung, M.D.

The Humanitarian Ophthalmologist of the Year award is reserved for the recognition of an ophthalmologist who has made significant contributions to the welfare of others throughout his or her lifetime and who supports the practice of ophthalmology.

1992   Robert Clark, M.D.
1993   Forrest Ellis, M.D.
1994   Matthew Farber, M.D.
1995   Dana Troyer, M.D.
1996   David Denny, M.D.
1997   Eugene Helveston, M.D.
1998   Ralph Stewart, M.D.
1999   Gerald Keener, M.D.
2002   Karen Brigg, D.O.
2004   Eric Purdy, M.D.
2005   Matthew Farber, M.D.
2006   Jonathan Walker, M.D.
2008   Daniel Robinson, M.D.
2009   Barbara Schroeder, M.D.
2010   Michael Wild, M.D.
2011   Richard Boling, M.D.
2012   Steve Gerber, M.D.
2013   Daniel Neely, M.D.
2014   Jonathan Walker, M.D.
2017   Eric Purdy, M.D.

Advocate of the Year award is presented to an ophthalmologist or non-ophthalmologist who has made a significant contribution to the promotion of quality eye care in Indiana.

1992   Sue Hetherington
1993   Joy Newby
1994   Louis Lemberger, M.D., PhD
1995   Michael Abrams & Lou Belch
1996   Indiana Lions Eyebank
1997   Scott Tarter
1999   Richard Feldman, M.D.
2000   Knights Templer of Indiana
2001   Kevin Knock
2002   Prevent Blindness Indiana
2003   Greg Wilson, M.D.
2004   Kimberly Williams
2005   Nina Pick
2006   Ralph Stewart, M.D.
2009   Tony Bennett
2010   Marilyn Glick
2011   Janae Keegris
2012   Kathy Hetzler
2017   Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch
2018   Lou Moneymaker
2021   Lindsey Jordan

The Legislator of the Year award is presented to a member of the Indiana General Assembly who has sought to promote quality eye care through the sponsorship of legislation or outstanding support or opposition to proposed legislation.

1992   Senator Thomas Wyss
1993   Senator Patricia Miller
1994   Representative Craig Fry
1995   Representative Vaneta Becker
1996   Representative Jeffrey Espich
1997   Representative Dale Grubb
1998   Senators Connie Lawson & Vi Simpson
1999   Representative Brian Bosma
2000   Representative Charlie Brown
2001   Representative William Crawford
2002   Representative Scott Pelath
2003   Representative Craig Fry
2004   Congressman Dan Burton
2005   Representative Tim Brown
2007   Senator Patricia Miller
2008   Senator Beverly Gard
2010   Senator Ryan Mishler
2011   Representative Tim Brown
2012   Representative Dave Wolkins
2013   Representative Ed Clere
2014   Senator Patricia Miller
2015   Representative Cindy Kichhofer
2016   Congressman Larry Bucshon
2017   Speaker Brian Bosma
2018   Senator John Ruckelshaus
2019   Senator Linda Rogers
2021   Representative Brad Barrett

The President's Award is presented to deserving individuals at the President's request for either outstanding committee leadership or for other leadership activities.

1992   Charles McCormick, M.D. & Nicholas Rader, M.D.
1995   Elaine Hathaway, M.D. & John Hammond
1997   Kim Williams
1999   Eugene Helveston, M.D.
2007   Yara Catoira-Boyle, M.D. & Keith Knuth, M.D.

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