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Advocacy Ambassadors

The IAO and the IU School of Medicine Department of Ophthalmology  have been strong supporters of the AAO Advocacy Ambassador program.

Goals of the program include:

  • Engage and educate members-in-training (residents and those undergoing fellowship training) early on as to the importance of advocating for their profession (training future advocates for patients and for the profession);
  • Help members-in-training understand the importance of membership and active involvement in their respective state ophthalmology and subspecialty societies; and
  • Expose members-in-training to some of the critical issues in medicine being discussed by leaders in ophthalmology during the Mid-Year Forum and Council sessions (the Council is the policy advisory body to the Academy’s Board of Trustees).

Previous Indiana Advocacy Ambassadors include:


 2021 Katherine Chuang, MD
 Allison Fox, MD
 2019 CJ Areephanthu, MD
 Ashley Neiweem, MD
 2018 Enoche Kassa, MD
 Nicholas Moore, MD
 2017 Liese Albrecht, MD
 Priyanka Kanakamedala, MD
 2016 Whitney Boling, MD
 Leslie Tobe, MD
 2015  Sally Primus, MD
 Matt Zore, MD
 2014 Frank Hrisomalos, MD
 2013  Janine E Collinge, MD
 2012 Zachary N Burkhart, MD
 Brian C Miller, MD
 Elliot C McKee, MD
 2011  Melissa O Ajunwa, MD
 Eric R Stevens, MD PhD
 2010 Jennifer M Mercado, MD
 Matthew J Hauck, MD
 2009 Jennifer L Eikenberry, MD
 Yang Sun, MD
 Amy M Waddell, MD
 2008 Matthew G Guess, MD
 Vincent L Ray, MD
 Milan Shah, MD
 2007 Matthew G Guess, MD
 Vanessa E Ngakeng, MD
 2006 Vanessa E Ngakeng, MD

Left to Right: Louis Cantor, MD; Ashley Neiweem, MD; CJ Areephanthu, MD; Ramana Moorthy, MD

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